What are the 3D solutions not to miss at Formnext 2022?

The Formnext show opened its doors this morning and it's hard to miss the excitement of the show! We are already impressed by the number of visitors browsing the aisles, looking for the latest innovations in the additive manufacturing market.

And it must be said that with all the exhibitors present, it is not easy to know who to go to see and what to watch. Spread over 4 halls and more than 50,000 square meters, some 800 exhibitors present their 3D solutions, whether new 3D printers, scanners, software or even post-processing machines. And precisely, our teams went for a walk in the aisles to find out what the latest launches are and invite you to come back to the most outstanding 3D solutions of Formnext 2022.

The S300X, the industrial and compact silicone 3D printer from Lynxter

The French manufacturer Lynxter presents its brand new silicone 3D printer, the S300X , a solution designed to create parts with medical and industrial grade silicones and polyurethanes . Equipped with IDEX technology, the system offers independent dual extrusion printing with a single-component L1Q11 tool head to print the support and another two-component LIQ21 tool head to deposit the material. 

Thus, the user can imagine complex shapes but also combine two materials to widen the field of possibilities in terms of the final properties of the part. The S300X offers a build volume of 300 x 250 x 200 mmand a layer height between 100 microns and 1 mm. Manufactured in Bayonne in the south of France, this silicone 3D printer also integrates the HUB platform which provides access to advanced printing profiles, guides and tutorials to improve the user experience.

Markforged's improved software

Another of the innovations presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show comes from the Markforged company. Known for its 3D printing solutions, both industrial and desktop, Markforged announced at Formnext the launch of new Simulation features for its additive manufacturing software. With this update, companies will be able to expand their use of 3D technologies for more demanding production applications.

Compatible with the Eiger™ software workflow, Simulation helps validate the strength and stiffness of parts through virtual testing by identifying anchor and load surfaces, then entering values ​​for loads, factor of safety and the maximum deviation. Furthermore, users will be able to more easily adopt Markforged's "Digital Forge" in their manufacturing operations.

3YOURMIND's on-demand 3D manufacturing software solution

Another software we wanted to mention at Formnext 2022 is the 3YOURMIND on-demand manufacturing solution. Named after the company itself, this allows companies to identify and produce parts whenever they need them. It is suitable for all users, whether they are OEMs, operating companies or contract manufacturers, allowing them to create digital inventories of qualified parts in order to reduce costs, shorten production times and secure more efficient and agile operations.

With advanced manufacturing technologies and data-driven decision making, companies can use the software to manufacture parts faster, lighter, and with the potential for cost reduction. In addition, the easy-to-use streaming data platform also allows manufacturers to communicate and distribute production jobs to approved vendors. 

Finally, the software increases machine availability and reliability, making supply chains more resilient and reducing operating costs and overstocking. And the numbers speak for themselves: 3YOURMIND notes that users have seen a 30% drop in operational costs as well as a reduction in inventory of up to 75%. 

A multi-nozzle 3D printer

The young German shooter LIQTRA presents for the first time its FDM 3D printer which integrates no less than 7 nozzles on its print head. While each can be controlled individually, the manufacturer claims its LIQTRA™ FX-7 Pro machine improves productivity by 300% while increasing the quality of finished parts by 37% and reducing manufacturing lead times by 75%.

Available from January 2023, this FDM 3D printer is compatible with polypropylene and polyamide and offers a print volume of 425 x 305 x 500 mm.

A new kit for Raise3D's Pro3 Series range

In order to improve the speed of its flagship range of 3D printers, the Pro3 Series , the manufacturer Raise3D has developed the Hyper Speed ​​Upgrade Kit, achieving a speed 3.8 times faster than competing solutions on the market.

The key is greater productivity for users while maintaining a high level of surface quality and very good layer adhesion. This new technology, called Hyper FFF, is based on an algorithm capable of determining an optimized acceleration model while suppressing machine vibrations, but also on new filaments. Two ranges have been designed – Hyper Speed ​​and Hyper Core – precisely to offer this final quality and a total absence of warping. 

Artec 3D and its metrology kit

3D scanner manufacturer Artec 3D presents its metrology kit for the first time at Formnext, launched last October. Available in two versions – entry-level and professional, it is a 3D optical coordinate measuring system that offers high precision inspection down to 2 micrometers. This photogrammetry solution is easily transportable and can capture moving objects quickly and with great precision.

WASP bets on sustainability

The Italian manufacturer is taking advantage of Formnext 2022 to present new 3D printers, whether for FDM or LDM (for fluid-dense materials). If we are interested in the deposition of molten material, WASP has developed large-format machines, designed to design parts with recycled materials, which are more respectful of the environment.

On the LDM side, the Italian company has designed a ceramic 3D printer, the Delta WASP 40100 Clay Production, and a concrete solution, CSF Concrete HD, equipped with a patented self-cleaning extruder.

An XXL DLP 3D printer

Resin 3D printers are often limited by the size of their bed, which are generally quite small. However, it would seem that the Dutch company Fiberneering has remedied this disadvantage. It is indeed presenting for the first time at Formnext its large format DLP machine, the XD2 which offers a printing volume of 518 x 415 x 1000 mm.

And to tell you the truth, it is its smallest model! In addition to the machine, the manufacturer also develops its own materials, namely a Standard Blue X10 resin and Tough X08, used for its impact resistance.

DyeMansion Introduces Powerfuse S PP Solution

To finish this overview of the new 3D solutions of Formnext 2022, what better than to talk about post-processing?

We present to you the new machine from DyeMansion, the Powerfuse S PP. According to the company, this solution is the very first green and industrial system capable of steam polishing polypropylene(PP) 3D printed. As this material is very resistant to chemicals, it is usually not possible to treat it with chemicals for post-processing.

However, they were able to find one that not only could be suitable for PP, but was also environmentally friendly, free of PFAS, CMR or vPvM substances. Additionally, to align with DyeMansion's focus on sustainability, the solvent is recycled within the machine itself, and only annual changes are required. There are hardly any consumables used during the process, except of course electricity.