Hong Kong Polytechnic University customizes clothing using 3D printing

In the era of fast-fashion, where clothing from one brand sometimes resembles that of another, one thing is particularly important: 

individual and personalized clothing. The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong has demonstrated, within its U3DP laboratory (3D Printing Technology Center Laboratory), created in 2017, how to create high-level technical clothing using additive manufacturing .

The objective is to offer researchers, teachers and university students access to academic research through an optimized technological change, as in the present case for 3D printing of clothing.

The research project, titled “  Exploration of Fashion Design, Based on Textile 3D Printing ,” looked at the combination of rigid polymers and soft fabrics, as well as how to overcome possible material constraints. Thus, one should be able to create individual designs with different fabrics and garments.

Additionally, a U3DP spokesperson states that “ another reason was that we wanted the printed products to be directly washable . To achieve this goal, we worked with 3D printing manufacturer Stratasys and its fashion machine, the J850™ TechStyle™ . »

3D printing on clothes of different textures, fabrics and sizes

When the research team began the early stages of their project, they quickly noticed that one of the resulting challenges was poor surface adhesion to different materials. It is obvious that the J850 TechStyle 3D printer has already proven itself on many occasions:

designer pieces made by additive manufacturing have already been presented this year during Milan Fashion Week. As an end-to-end multifunctional printer, it helps the Hong Kong research team to print soft and flat materials like denim, polyester, cotton or canvas, but also to produce strong colors and realistic textures.

Although U3DP has a whole range of 3D printers aimed at different industries, it is now able to further explore the fashion industry through additive manufacturing.

U3DP continues, “Stratasys PolyJet™ 3D printers have always been known for their ease of use and excellent user experience, making it easy for teaching and research staff to learn how to use this new 3D printer in no time. of time”.In detail, it is thus possible to print personalized patterns and colors directly on fabrics of thickness or even different materials, which allows both to eliminate creative limits and to give a three-dimensional character to the future fashion production.